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Just because winter is around the corner… or for us folks in California- [it’s been winter/summer the past few days], does not mean you have to flip over your closet and bust out the funeral looking wardrobe. How boring. For some reason we get the idea that with cold weather comes darker attire. This really should not be the case. Keep those bright colors going… you may have to pinch your cheeks a little more and bust out that spray tan in a can, but a brighter wardrobe will leave you happier and feeling sexier with each daring wardrobe move you make away from everyone else.

So I couldn’t manage to save and paste the dress I found on Cache’s website but here is something very similar. Whether you’re going for a night out on the town with the girls, Vegas or even a wedding (why not?) Be the life of the party in this hot little thing. Black cocktail dresses are definitely always your fall back but doesn’t everyone wear black? Yep. Remember Life is too short to blend in.

Here is a very similar dress to Cache's Satin Strapless Dress Now $79.00 as a special promotional offer.


So you’re not daring enough to hit it in hot pink? This lacey sheath dress below from BEBE is adorable, perfect for winter, won’t make you look washed out and you know how those boys are with lace… This with some black suede peep toes and you’ll be #1 on the charts.

BEBE Lacey Eggplant sheath dress $159 Also available in Eggshell and a Jungle print- FAB.


Pleasure doing Business 5 band skirts are everywhere! I swear I’ve seen these around, and I have too many friends that absolutely swear by them. The other day they were on at a REALLY killer price, but considering that deal is over, I found these- what I’d like to call “band aide skirts’ in a bunch of colors. As you can see below if you do get a brighter color, just pair them up with a black loose-fitting blouse or nice tank and leather jacket. Killer.

Pleasure doing business 5 band skirt in Fuchsia $98


MK&A in Fuchsia Pleasure doing Business skirt.


Another great dress from ASOS is the Vero Moda Chiffon Sleeve dress for $37. I really like this dress because it is more upscale, still colorful but keeps that touch of sexy in it! This color looks great on dark and light haired ladies 🙂

ASOS Vero Moda Dress $37 in Electric Blue


Another ASOS dress the Motel Erica Lattice Mesh Dress in Blue. I love this one, ESPECIALLY for winter because; as you can see, in the picture the dress is paired with black nylons. Throw on a pair of shoes with some kind of bow on it or little booties and your smokin’.

ASOS Motel Erica Lattice Mesh Insert Dress in Blue $58.98


And my last ASOS steal is this leopard print teeny weenie. If you’re one of those people who can’t sidle your way away from black or are feeling like a beached whale, you can still wear this because of its black slim form fitting bottom part. Great when paired with black or gold heels. Also, if you don’t feel daring enough or typically don’t wear prints like this, just throw on a little black jacket. If it’s cold you can also wear the black pantyhose underneath. Fun.

ASOS Motel Dalphine Leopard Dress $65.72

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