BDB 234x60

Enough said. Point blank- If you own a bedazzled toilet, I am your new best friend. This blinding piece of art was designed by Jemal Wright

On his home page it says that he handsets the Swarovski crystals which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. The first thing that came to my mind after reading this is whether this man sits there and bedazzles all day long. I needed a nap after I bedazzled my iphone cord. Its not so much a difficult task as it is tedious, I mean you have to pick up each crystal with a jewel gun or needle and then put the glue down and then put the crystal on. I mean it had to have taken him 9433495 hours to do this. I can’t honestly imagine- and then when he is on his last crystal I’m sure he rejoices knowing he will soon have a check for $75,000 (this is the price his last toilette sold for).

It absolutely shocks me having not yet seen this masterpiece on someone’s MTV Cribs. If you remember seeing Soulja Boy on cribs you probably remember his 3′ by 2′ ridiculous Louis Vuitton rug which was just waiting to be ruined. Why would he not put that money down for one of these bummm-licious kings cups. Hmmm… I could also see Nicki Minaj having one of these… all her little Wayne team beezies would obviously be super confused but hey, I’m sure they wouldn’t be complaining. Someone make my life complete and get a bedazzled shitter please!!

Bedazzled Toilet in Bath Designs by Jemal Wright