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As we all know everyone is a Youtube sensation these days, and when it comes to music there are few I deem worthy of publicizing to my Hay it’s Alexis fans. However, this duo first caught my attention on Oprah, then after watching some of their videos I was seriously hooked. More recently they put out my favorite Usher song, which I absolutely had to share with you “DJ got us fallin’ in love”. Due to the fact that the sound mirrors the lead on Glee, most of my friends would be utterly surprised I liked him. However, I happen to think he sounds far better than Glee. I really can’t go more than five minutes listening to the girl who sounds like she has lizards in her pants.

So with that said, this Glee again music is definitely worth checking out. You can also check them out on The Oprah Winfrey show which aired February 22, 2010.

[youtube id=”R12QVtuB0_Q”]

Sam Tsui performing Michael Jackson as he did on The Oprah Winfrey Show, such a great Mashup.

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