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COMPETENT: having suitable or sufficient skill, knowledge, experience.

INCOMPETENT: Lacking ability, incapable, unproficient, untrained… useless.

I am going to laugh to the bank on this one. Useless. Seriously? You may be reading this thinking I am the incompetent bitch, but really I cannot express how often I have run into or encountered these so called “useless” beings. And I know that I am not the only one.

The other day my mother needed these shoes from Brighton (one of the most overpriced, silly stores ever) but she really wanted them. So of course, she called, put the shoes on hold in her size and sent my father on his way. By the way, the store closest to our house was sold out so my dad had to drive almost 25 minutes to the next closest Brighton to get the shoes. Obviously he got there, paid and got the hell out of there. Brighton in my opinion is worse than Victoria Secret for men, IIIII barely want to go in that store, for a guy it has to be so much worse. Anyways, my dad- feeling accomplished and rewarded, gave the shoes to my mom…… To her astonishment she opened the box to find two COMPLETELY different shoes in two COMPLETELY different sizes…… WHAAAATT????? I mean obviously any competent person would actually look in the box before they sold something… what if there was some crystal Brighton chandelier desk ball costing $160 in that box???? I don’t care if your in a rush and have 43 people in line, why are you going to put the effort in and do something and not even do it right? Recently I bought a watch from a store I will disclose the name because I really do LOVE the store, but again incompetence has taken over the population. The poodled, agressive sales lady forgot to take off the sensor on the watch, so of course I get home all excited to wear it and….. BAM can’t because it is still attached to the box with a Lindsay Lohan drinking contraption looking thing attached. I was so annoyed I just took the watch back and asked the lady REALLY??? really? Its not like I walk around being bitter at these people, it seriously happens all the time. I can’t decide if it is avoidable or malleable but its driving me nuts. The worse part about it, incompetency runs RAMPANT in orange county. Don’t even get me started. Anyways, I laughed in my moms face/ the shoe box when my dad brought these home. Its not my dads fault, this is why we have SALES ASSOCIATES to make sure customers leave happy….? NO man will ever open the box and check to make sure both shoes are the same/ same size. It just isn’t ever going to happen. Note to merchants! Instead of doing long interviews, put these people to the test… see if they have the common sense to make it worthwhile hiring for your positions. Seriously people.

Brighton associates = incompetent

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