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If you’re anything like me, your nails are not worth $35 a week. Think about it, that’s almost $150 a month….. To paint your nails. Now if you’re thinking “Oh, $150 isn’t bad when your nails always look good”, please take a second to think about ALL the other expenditures you have. As a single person (exclude males over 200 pounds) do you even spend $100 on food each month? Probably not. It’s important to always look at things in comparison. Unless you can afford to donate $150 to UNHCR each month or any other charity, chances are your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Now this is not saying there is anything wrong with getting a Mani/ Pedi. Come on, I live for these. I am just saying you are just feeding the fire of our economy by paying $50 for a manicure and pedicure because you refuse to go to a salon that does not have marble and glass flooring and bandeaus to wash your heiny. I understand some of you as you say ‘LIVE’ for the massage chairs but at that price you are better off saving it and getting a real half hour massage. Again, think about it. As I am focusing more on Los Angeles and Orange County at the moment here are two salons I go to regularly. They both do an above amazing job. Sometimes I actually feel like the salons in the mid range end up ripping you off and your nail polish is sure to chip within 2-3 days, which is ridiculous. Stop telling yourself that the women wearing Chanel painting your fingers do a better job than the ladies in regular clothes and flip-flops. Bitch please.

Orange County

Top Care Hair and Nails
Manicure & Pedicure for $22
25270-B Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo
(949) 859-3820

* They are the in shopping center by Michaels, Stein Mart and just a few stores to the left of CVS.


Nails by Wendy
Manicure and Pedicure for $18
3333 1/2 S. Hoover Street, Los Angeles 90007
(213) 748-4407

*They are in the center of University Village immediately next to the food court and across from elegance clothing.

Nails by Wendy in South Central Los Angeles 🙂

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