BDB 234x60

In 2 days (Wednesday September 15)

Once again my all time favorite BCBG and Ella Moss blowout sample sale is back at USC! I have seriously been going to this sale they have twice a year at USC every year for the past 4 years. If your one of my friends there is a good chance you have raided my closet and probably worn one or two of my BCBG dresses. I seriously can never get enough. They always bring the widest selection of dresses, work shirts, casual dresses and shirts, everything. And the best part about it? Unless your planning on going to a runway show and sitting next to Posh, these dresses never go out of style and you can wear them to pretty much anything.

Also the lady that runs this event will give you a discount if you pay in cash versus credit cards because hello if you didn’t know already it costs businesses to run credit cards… soooo. Hit the ATM and you won’t feel so bad about dropping some bills. Almost all dresses are around or under the $100 range… yes the $450 BCBG dresses are around $100. And they are from around the past years collection 🙂

in TWO DAYS Wednesday September 15
10am to 4pm
AT the USC Catholic Center Right at the crossing of University Street and 32nd Street Its about 1 block north of USC Campus.

PARKING: There is parking in meters all along 32nd street and there is a little parking lot you can turn into if you are going away from Hoover on the right side as you make your way down 32nd street.

I suggest getting there early because the hot stuff will go fast no doubt but there have definitely been the times I didn’t make it until the afternoon and I still managed to find some hot stuff.

One of the black BCBG dresses i bought from one of their previous sample sales. Very formal


Three of the BCBG dresses I bought in the last sample sale


What I would like to call the BIRTHDAY dress 🙂


Dresses from the Fabulous Fashionistas Sample sale


In my BCBG Birthday dress