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As I recently received the question “Which are the best condoms for girls?” I really didn’t have the best answer for that. That is, I wanted to get the answer from multiple girls because obviously what one person uses may not be what another likes. So I went about asking multiple people, some of which thought I was crazy (these people being my friends) but others divulged as if it were their job to answer these kinds of sex questions in order to better the community.

I must say there were quite a few answers that both made me laugh and I just thought were plain interesting. I will post some of the best answers at the end. However getting into condoms for girls I had the most hits on Trojan Ultra Thin and Trojan Her Pleasure. I also had a ton of girls and guys say they didn’t care as long as they were spermicidal. Spermicidal? Yea I didn’t know about these but apparently these condoms have Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide on the condom for extra protection against pregnancy. So when I looked at the Trojan site you can get Ultra Thin and Her pleasure as regular condoms and as spermicidal. So why would you even bother with the non-spermicidal condoms? Wellll it does say on the site that these spermicidal condoms are not for rectal use (?) or more than once-a-day vaginal use. However I did ask my friends who had vouched for this condom- if they had ever had any problems and they all claimed they never experienced anything bad using them more than once. Another big hit were the Trojan Ecstasy condoms, a few girls, almost getting excited to tell me about their pick, said they would use absolutely nothing else. So I don’t know if that helps at all but those are the facts.

As for guys- obviously the majority of guys said they used Trojan Magnums. I just happen to think this is funny because ladies- please think about the guys you’ve been with, and think about the percentage of guys you would say qualified for a magnum. Hmmm yes, probably no more than 50%. So besides my big time big stick ballers answers, the majority of the guys ALL said Trojans, guys weren’t as specific as girls but I got a lot of “Ultra Thins” and “Spermicidal”. Honestly I think it is harder for girls to reach the same spot that guys can so as long as you find a condom that you don’t lose sensitivity with, let the girl pick. In the end as long as she’s pleased, I know you guys- and that alone helps you. So all in all it might just be better to get the ones I wrote about earlier that the girls dig.

Trojan Ecstasy for HER.. and Him. When she's happy you will be too.


Also; on another note, the other day a guy was telling me how a girl he dated had said she was allergic to latex, further insisting he get checked because she couldn’t use a condom. I find this incredibly interesting/ slick. First of all, the second I went to the Trojans website there was pull down menu for [Latex, Non Latex, Vibrations etc.] So obviously even if you are allergic to latex, you can still have fun and stay safe. Pshh. Then it dawned on me that this girl might have actually had a method behind her madness. What if she told the guy she was allergic to latex just as a smooth way of getting the guy tested?? I mean that whole conversation is definitely awkward, and I think that if there was an easier way to ask, more people would be getting checked. I mean honestly the cleanest person could have crabs for all you know- gross. Soo ladies and gents if your looking for an easy way to tell your partner to get checked this is a pretty slick move if you ask me.

Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicidal For those too young to be baby makers.


Some of the best answers I got:

“I like ONE condoms because they have cute sayings on the wrappers and there’s a variety!”
[Hmm I can just see a girl getting excited to see what the wrapper says. Only a girl]

“”Golden Tickets” [referring to Magnums]

“I can really give shit, it’s a balloon on my dick, but I usually just stick with Trojans”

“Trojan Magnum… don’t like to brag though”

“Guys are so weird” –Alexis

If you like fortune cookies your sure to like these condoms! ONE condoms have special messages on the wrappers with lots of variety!

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