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Although I write about fashion, new trends and fashion tips, I sadly am not an encyclopedia when it comes to spotting name brand designer trends. I definitely know designer labels but if someone walked by me with Chanel socks on, unless they had the CC on them, I doubt I would be able to recognize them from the Fall line. Some people have a gift for that… I do not. However, I can typically walk into any store and pick out the hottest items… a lot of time before they even become a following trend. It just so happens, in November I took my dad over to Off Broadway shoes to snoop around. Now just like DSW (another great discount name brand shoe store), Off Broadway is one of those places you either go into and are overjoyed being able to buy the Steve Madden’s you wanted last month for half the price, or you are angrier than a mule because you see the stilettos you spent an arm and a leg on for one eighteenth of the price.

Now of course, as I never leave empty handed from a shoe store I cruised out with these amazing high heel shoes– studded sling back platform pumps. Considering I had never seen anything like them, edgy yet cute, I knew I had to have them. So as I wore them a few times, it wasn’t until last week when I was flipping through my Vogue from fashion week that I landed on a page of some stars prancing around in NY for the yearly studded event. Go figure my eyes landed on no one else but Kim Kardashian strutting her stuff in Christian Louboutin’s Clou Noeud beige studded sling back pumps. As my eyes turned into saucers I was ecstatic at the fact that these shoes she had on, were the exact shoes I had sitting in my closet except for the small fact that mine were not red on the bottom, and the price was not the same as my rent check.

High Heel Shoes Can Fool Anyone

As I started looking on the Internet for the new trends Christian Louboutin has showcased to the world of fashion , ends up these studded vixens were part of his Fall/ Winter 2010 line, and are still being sold on his site directly. Now obviously, I understand they are not EXACTLY the same. After I told a friend, she explicitly told me more than once that you would be able to tell the difference between the two in a second. But really, I am not trying to fool anyone. It is a TREND. A hot Fashion trend. A style. Just like every other one that comes and goes faster than each passing day. We all know there will be a hotter item out in less than a week when winter comes to an end. But for now, I have yet to see a normal non-millionaire moguls prance around in these. So of course I say heck with it. I did happen to catch some knockoff pairs of the high heel shoes, which by the way some happened to look pretty cheap, and of course, the knockoffs were no where near a stellar price. Mine, made by Kate Preston (whoever that is?) from Off Broadway were a high racking total of $49.70. A price you can’t beat. I have included links to both DSW and Off Broadway so hopefully you can find a location near you, wherever you might be.

Off Broadway- Find your Location

DSW Shoes- Find your Location


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