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Believe it or not, conditioner for you hair I believe actually works better for shaving than shaving gel and or body wash. No joke- One time I ran out so just used my conditioner instead, and I swear I haven’t strayed since. It makes complete sense though. I mean hello the hair on your legs doesn’t really differ from the hair on your head right? I’ve also found that when I use conditioner instead you will get a closer shave, and your legs will just feel softer. Don’t call me crazy until you try it. I personally have really sensitive skin so I try to stay away from the super ooper fruity bars of soap that typically make me break in bee sting like hives. Butt, even if you don’t have sensitive skin, its definitely something to try.

Don’t be fooled boys! This would work for you too! The hair on your goatee or face is no different than that on your head, legs, arms ect. except for the fact that it is rougher but that is only because it NEVER gets a deep conditioning…. or shampooing whatsoever. Of course I tried this on my guinea pig (my dad) and worked just as good if not better than shaving cream. So just remember in the future if you ever run low on your Old Spice Men!

I always just buy the ultra chic SUAVE, I mean it is the highest quality conditioner I wouldn’t dare use it on anything BUT my legs 😉 But well worth the high price of $0.92 🙂

Suave Conditioners- My Favorite it actually the Tropical Coconut 🙂

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