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This article swept through our female population like sand a little less than a year ago. Whether you only traveled to Hawaii or you had been to every continent in the world, this piece hit each female in a different way. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, husband or widowed, single and alone – females all over not only felt like they connected with this, but as if it were something they had written.

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels from David Joseph Falossi II on Vimeo.

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels.

Because, at the end of the day, we all just want to be free nomads, adventurers, risk takers, lovers, free spirits. The kind of girls you only find on Instagram and Facebook, because that is the only place that shows no truth or real emotion. We want to appear grounded but carefree, understood but fun, smart but alive. THAT girl.

Coming from a girl who travels, I’ve dated a lot, recently found love and can honestly say, I think some of the best girls are the ones that travel. They understand life and how to live, they get spontaneity and feed off adventure. They are yes people, they are down for the count and are happy with the life they are creating. They don’t have Pinterest wedding walls because that’s not something they think about or care about. They follow world travelers on social feeds and have their favorite flights sites bookmarked. If they have the funds, the trip is already booked.

So stop screwing around with the girls that are waiting for you to show them the world, and date the ones who have already seen it.

Massive applause to the phenomenal video that gave me chills by David Joseph Falossi – I am obsessed and beyond impressed.

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