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Since graduation, I can honestly say what used to occupy my college apartment has now been crammed into my old room along with my extensive line of shoe wear, a childs size twin bed, dressers Galore to fit my not so marry poppins like wardrobe and a ridiculous sign from high school that says “clothing optional beyond this point- California state beaches”. End point my “quarters” aka my 12 x 12 room is more like a joke about to explode. After my mother told me she wanted a construction man to BUILD me a bed with underneath storage for my- as she calls it “sickening” amount of shoes, I decided that sounded like too much work, the same price as an already built bed, and an enormous headache. So she started having her construction man build some weird looking white boat of a bed and after telling her it was not going to happen I went online to find my own PERFECT BED. Honestly I had to have been searching the internet for a good few hours. Finding a bed that you can see yourself having at your next apartment people… is no easy task. Finding one that will fit, is within your price range and doesn’t look like you built it with your own hammer, is an even slightly harder task. (This blog by the way does not apply to men of any sort- we know you would sleep on a mattress on the floor). Anyways after searching and search and … searching. BINGO! Copy Cat Chic. WHAT a grand slam. This website is all about the HOTTEST trends and chic furniture… for sometimes more than half the price. Honestly the $1500 bed I so desperately was about to sell my shoe collection for… I found for $300! What a steal, and it is SO cute. I know I know I probably could have found a perfectly fine bed on craigslist, but honestly I have always been the one that had that bed on stilts, yes- bed risers… you know the one that if you jump up onto it to fast or in an awkward motion you will be falling at all different angles like your on Indiana Jones? You know what I am talking about.

Anyways I got my bed! and I can’t wait to get more fun ideas from her site. You absolutely have to check it out. I am in love.

My new bed! From


Heres some of the Ideas Copy Cat Chic has… and it none of the items pictured cost a quarter of what you would ever imagine! Room Redo! Another cute Room redo! ZEBRAS HOT what did i tell you?? Another great room redo!

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