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You know how we always assume if it is a smoothie shop or juice stop it only serves just that? WELL, my newfound glorious sandwich shop- Fresh Squeeze actually serves it all. Who would have thought that a smoothie place served the best sandwiches?? Now, if your one of those people like my mother who gets extra meat on her sandwich at subway and every possible topping like it is an unlimited frozen yogurt stand, you might just stick to your usual pound and a half of a sandwich shop. BUT, if you are like me- I like my sandwich… like a sandwich, if i get chicken salad NO I do not want cranberries and nutmeg in it. I don’t care how “Je Ne Se Quoi” it is… NO THANKS! So when my friend dragged me on her 20 hour and 9 stops later errands run, then rewarded me with a stop at Fresh Squeeze I first thought about getting the Tuna then landed on the “You Chicken”. You can’t help but chuckle at the names of the sandwiches: The Gobbler, Ham it Your Way. Gotta love the creativity. My sandwich was made on this awesome 9 grain wheat bread, which come to find out it was organic. If my stubborn ass had known it was organic from the beginning I probably would have sat with a coke- no one is more stubborn and opinionated about organic than me. BUT the bread was to die for and so was the sandwich. Sooo yummy. I didn’t try the smoothies but I will probably return very soon to get another “organic” (Swear it can’t be organic, tastes too good to be) sandwich and smoothie. In fact I have already picked out the smoothie I will be getting- the PB Max which is Banana, peanut butter and chocolate yogurt. MMMM! 🙂

Fresh Squeeze in Mission Viejo, CA

Lunch Specials! hmmm @ Fresh Squeeze

Fresh Squeeze
24000 Alicia Parkway, #25
Mission Viejo CA 92691

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