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Too many guys out there are completely blind to what they look like when they leave the house. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t care. No, wait- Take that back, I used to live with 2 guys…. You guys ACTUALLY think what you wear on a normal basis not only matches but also looks great! Umm. NO. You going to the movies in your red basketball shorts, American flag colored basketball shoes and a grey and lime green striped Lacoste Polo is completely unacceptable on 40 different levels. You look like a freak show/ you are color blind. And yes I do know that there are a greater percentage of males that are colorblind than females but seriously, no excuses accepted. Thing I have seen recently on guys that do NOT fly:

  • Rainbow sandals paired with nice dress pants.
  • Vertical striped shorts with a horizontally striped polo (You might as well wear a black and white jail jumper)
  • Completely missing one or two belt loops… normally. (You’re in thaaat big of a rush everyday?)
  • Tube white socks with loafers or Sperry’s (Who ever created this? You do know that you look like a white hoofed camel when you wear these two, right?)
  • Do not wear shirts you wear out and about to the gym. Gross
  • If you wear a collared button down, wear a Hanes or tank underneath. Hi you’re a man and you sweat regardless of temperature.


No no no no & NO. No to polo's with basketball shorts. Who are you trying to be? A made up slob??


Just because your dad wore (and still currently tries to leave the house in) loafers and tube socks, does not mean you should. Unless of course these days you want to look like a total tool bag.


That is all I can think of for the moment. But my point for this post is to throw this website your way men!


When you get to their homepage don’t freak out- I am not sending you to a girl site. There are always one or two Men’s brands on sale or with specials. That is what this site is designed for- you have a period of maybe 2 or 3 days with a given brand, then they switch and put a new designer up with new items/ styles. For instance today they have Men’s Rock and Republic up. I know what your thinking- either A. You have no idea what Rock and Republic is (No it is not a form of rock band) or B. your saying hell no to $400 jeans. But NOOOO Not the case here boys! The RR jeans I found were all around $100 and shirts were $26, and their shirts are that realllly soft-feathered cotton. mmmmmm. So go check it out!  -Ideeli’s Mens RR deals for today-

Rock and Republic at Ideeli- Men’s Kirby short sleeve tee $26

Rock and Republic at Ideeli- Men’s Vela Colburg skinny jean

$119 instead of $245

Rock and Republic on Ideeli- Men’s Hades Blue Neil straight jean

$109 instead of $188

NARS Illuminators