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When we [ladies] think of guys and what they first notice on a female, we might initially point to a females rack, whether it resembles a honey baked ham or a speed bump, point blank it is what every mans eyes land on first. However, when you ask a guy you might get a very different answer. The guys who have been trained well will tell you they first notice our eyes or smile. Awww. Sweet, but nice try. However, if you observe guys when a smoking bombshell struts through the room you will notice their gaze starting at the floor and moving up. The one thing that can hail a taxi before a nice rack is a girl with hot stems. Remember when Carrie hailed a taxi at the end of Sex And The City 2, flashing her flawlessly gorgeous legs in hopes of getting a taxi to stop and take them to the airport in Abu Dhabi? If for some remotely bizarre reason you never saw satc 2 (Sex And The City), I have included the clip.

Lorac TANtalizer

So, in achieving the same hot legs s as Carrie there are a few steps to take. I do not mean shaving your legs and…. well, shaving your legs. Sorry ladies, you are not a man. The key to perfecting bombshell legs starts with exfoliating before you shave. You’ve probably read about how this takes off all the dead skin. Hate to say it but it’s true, and more importantly it will make your stems glow. Think of how soft and untouched a babies skin is, this is what exfoliating works to achieve. After exfoliating and a nice shave you are free to go about lathering on some lotion or sunless tanner if you are white from the torrential rain and snow we have been seeing this winter. But what will really knock a mans pants off is the Lorac Tantalizer and a hot dress. The very last step before heading out; ponying up with my new found favorite- Lorac Tantalizer.

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Lorac TANtalizer Award Show Glow at Sephora $32

lorac, lorac-tantalizer, hot-legs

Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer at Sephora $32

As I had received a sample of the Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer lotion form Sephora, I waited and used that pup for New Years. Hot damn did I see hot legs … not to mention, flawless. After being uber impressed with what I had seen, I proceeded to buy my own at Sephora online. However, I was faced with the difficult choice of getting the Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer Lotion or the TANtalizer Award Show Glow Foam. I figured both were the same but decided to read the reviews on each anyway. Sure enough, more reviews pointed to the foam having a bolder color and longer lasting time, even through a quick shower (sin hardcore lathering). Granted I still love the lotion, if you are someone who has a medium skin tone the lotion might be better, but for those of us not as blessed with a surplus of pigmentation in our skin, the foam would be a better choice.

So go on now and let your legs get their shine on. One more thing, as the weather has been more unpredictable than Anna Nicole Smith, do not go and perfect your stems for a night out in Mammoth Mountain weather. This is not what I am hinting at by any means. Be wary, if you do this you might come off as trying too hard/ self absorbed. But then again, if you can still feel your toes and you can’t see your breathe in the night air, get those legs ready for a jaw dropping appearance.

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How do your legs rank?

Just think of what you can accomplish with hot legs!

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