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Hmm… the other day in Walmart I pulled a Dane Cook but instead of it being a boyfriend girlfriend fight it was more of a parent/ young child fight. Except for the fact that the mother was completely ignoring the child and the child was about to jump out of her polly rocket cart seat. Please take notice to the child, after immediately saying “I want it… but.. but, i want iiiii, i want… but mommy i wantt itttttt” to then proceeding to say “mommy i wanna hug!!” then to “wah wahhhh IM STUCK!!” no shit your stuck kid. Fo a reason. lol. Anyways I DO give this mom props because honestly this is in an OC Walmart. Meaning, 99% of the time, one squeal from a child and the parent has already given them whatever it is that they want. These children end up being exactly the same 20 years down the line. Its just different in the fact that a parents will be like “Oh Tommy is 23, lives at home and still can’t manage to throw his trash in the trash can, Oh well I guess I will just pick it up” or … ever heard of a kid in OC crashing a car that THEY bought… nope. Hate to say it, but thats the low down here in oc. It Happens, whatever, were not perfect I know, but parents I see it too much when I babysit your kids… learn one word. NO.

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