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As some of you may know, alongside my love for my deep rooted advice in fashion, music and dating, I am also your go-to girl for branding, PR and social media. While I run freely on my blog, during the day I work in all aspects of digital and social media for PromaxBDA- a television association dedicated to leading the television industry in the promotion, marketing and design of television. So essentially I breathe and live promos all day everyday. I like to think of every aspect of my life as like a mini promo. I live for good sports and pop-culture promos. Anyways, as SOME of you have heard, with working in television comes the basic need to fully immerse yourself in television culture. Exactly 24 days ago I moved straight down to Santa Monica, just three blocks from the beach and with that decided to cut the cords and end my cable subscription. My roommate and I ordered internet shortly after moving in, but decided to wait until the networks Fall launch to get back into it. It started with a quick morning conversation with the executives at my office about my recent decision, and it slowly turned into me writing about my experience as the newly named “Millennial Cord-Cutter“. Although this has nothing to do with fashion, music or dating, it does directly relate to my readers age and lifestyle. We all are addicted to some type of television content, whether it’s sports, reality television, news or even the old shows on demand. However, with the television industry rapidly changing, we find ourselves in a place where we can still be the viewer without cable. With Netflix, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN and a combined Apple TV we find ourselves with options. For the rest of summer and continuing into the Fall I will be writing for Brief– a news hub that┬áleads the global conversation about the role marketing plays in the monetization of television across media platforms. If you too cut the cord recently or in the past, how do you get by? What do you watch? Is there anything you still miss? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Diary of a Cord-Cutter, Chapter 1: Going Cold Turkey

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