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So after my a ridiculous 2.5 hour drive to LA for my 2 hour long writing class I decided as soon as I got home I needed to Veg…. Why? I have no idea but my brain hurt from thinking about all the bad drivers and stressing about cruising into my class an hour late. Talk about feeling like a complete moron… Anyways usually when I am stressed I clean, but considering I was kind of tired I decided to bedazzle… something I haven’t done since I left LA about a month ago. Let me remind you, bedazzling is like a hobby for me… make fun of it ALL you want but when it comes down to it, you know your just slightly jealous of my iphone cord.

When I worked at the LAB I abhorred our fugly grey american apparel T-shirts, and of course I am all about spicing things up so what did I do? I bedazzled the little honeycomb looking Lab logo on the sleeve. Not even kidding, this was when I first started working so my co-workers legitimately thought of me as the biggest joke in the world, some of the girls even shunned me! I didn’t care.. its not like I was working to make friends? If you hate my bedazzled shirt, so be it. Good luck with your tips bitches! HA! Anyways, it wasn’t long before the other girls at work realized underneath my pink post it pad and bedazzled work shirt, I was actually a genius, and then they all decided they loved me… and I loved them. 🙂 Anyways back to my story- I was tired, bored, headachey so of course the only solution to these kinds of problems is to bedazzle. So i did so on my new iPhone cord… my best friend even picked it up the other day and in a not-even-surprised tone said “you BEDAZZLED your cord?… BAHAHAHAHAH” psh. My thinking is i knew she wanted it… maybe if she is lucky it will be her next birthday gift.

SO yes, I did bedazzle it… completely, take a look and , …. lemmme know what ya think…:) pssjjjvvsahaha.

Bedazzled iphone Cord!

iPhone cord " I want to be an electronic device bedazzled by alexis" -Bonnie Veronese

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