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East Coast West Coast Perceived Talent

The east coast sure is making it easy for the west coast rappers to keep bangers on the top of the charts. It is a given that an artist may use some of the same beats for songs, but lately I feel like I have been seeing this trend completely blow up. I don’t make music so really I don’t know how it is, but do you really mean to tell me you can’t come up with any newer, sicker, unheard beats???? Obviously music has been going down hill…. I find myself constantly just listening to older, hotter jams because everything out right now is exactly the same. The Hip Hop and Rap industry has turned upside down, beats are the same, tracks are all about the same things, and the music today; being that it is still highly influential, is influencing people, especially teens in the wrong ways.

On another note, just the other night at work, none other than DREAM filled the back of the house at the bar I work at. Yes, the group that used to play on repeat at all 7th grade social gatherings. You know, the super old school girl group that bounced around their music videos singing about how their man loved them and not you and whatever else they sang. I truly can’t remember it all, but they had one song in particular that they did with Puffy. It was called “This is Me”… Sound Familiar?? I don’t care if you are male, female, dog, fish, chair, carpet- I know you have heard this.

For those of you who have been stranded on Gilligan’s island, I’ll break it down for you. Watching the music video, just three seconds in, I couldn’t help but think of how familiar the music sounded. Yes, very familiar. Oh wait, I’ve heard this song before… but last I checked it was a song for that group Dirty Money. Interesting. And isn’t P-Diddy part of Dirty Money? Oh, as a matter of fact, what a coincidence… He is! BAM! Take the lyrics out and you have the EXACT same track as the new hot song “Love Come Down” by Dirty Money. What a disappointment! And we thought you could do better than that…?

Glasses-Malone, I-Get-Doe, Money-Music, The-Division


Now you are probably thinking, “who does this girl think she is?? Randy Jackson?” No no-I am serious about this, I am no Tiesto- but Come ON people. Considering not only did my cousin Kelly Mclean record the Laker girls song “Boom Boom” this year, but my grandparents also both were highly influential artists on my life. I mean my grandmother traveled in Europe performing with Fred Waring, was an artist in the European USO Tour and was a music teacher for decades. My grandfather went to Juliard, rocked out in a jazz band in New Orleans playing the stand up (bigger than him) string base, then played in the New York Symphony with my grandmother. Talk about music being in my genes. I can’t really name a time I am not listening to music, of all types too. After just purchasing a Record player, I have been converting all of my grandparents 500 Vinyl LP’s to mp3. Just listening to old school Beatles, Laurindo Almeida and Stan Getz…. couldn’t get any better. As I convert these tracks to mp3 I can’t help but think of how great a track could be, made up of the music that shaped the last century..  HELLO what the heck are DJ’s for?? You mix that up and have a whole new genre of music. Today all you artists are lazy in my opinion, half of you are creating music to to make a pot of gold and peace out. Can somebody please take the music industry as seriously as Lady Gaga and create something so new it will overturn the century??? Most of you artists out there can’t- but if your reading this and think you can pull it off get at me. Then again, maybe I should just figure out how to mix beats myself and flip this music merry go round. PSHHH!

Lady striking for bad techno beats..... or bad beats in general ya?

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