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FINALLY! Kanye is back! We can stop listening to all the hanky panky taylor swift and miley smiley jams and go back to our beloved hip hop and rap beats. I don’t think I have honestly been this happy since Jamie Foxxxxxxx’ Blame it on the goosey goose track hit my itunes. Kanyes newest single- Power brings back the feeling of …. power? call me crazy but i could bust through my day to this song NO problem. There are so few good albums that I feel like have come out in the past few months. Besides my obsession with my Robin Thicke Sex Therapy CD, the last record I think I bought was …… beyonce? dear god. I’ll get some tracks here and there but no records recently have been even slightly worth a penny. I mean I think I’d rather get another copy of my Guerrilla Black or old Talib Kweli records.

Actually before I went to USC my close friend Tyler Schmuckle and I used to grab lunch by saddleback every wed and exchange a CD… he liked my girly new HIp Hop and rap tracks while I fell for his old school beats. Lately I have just gone back to listening to those mixes he made me. FORTUNATELY he just finished at Sonoma playing golf and IM back now so hopefully we will be able to jump back on that music boat… I am pretty in need right now… But the mix I have in right now is like

Azz Izz featuring NAS- The essence
Choclair- Rubbin’
David Gray- Babylon
Donovan Frankenreiter- It Don’t Matter
Guerilla Black- Compton
HI-TEK- Get ta Steppin’
Jim Jones- We Fly High True Love
Outkast- Atliens
Pepper- Stone Love
Talib Kweli- Memories Live
Erykah Badu- Baby You Got me

Soo with that said until Kanyes album is released on September 14, 2010 I will continue listening to all my old school stuff. I can’t imagine possible hearing “blah blah blah” or “I want to be a millionaire so freaking baaaaaddd”

Ke$ha - too poor to afford a whole pair of pants... blah blah blaah


If there are some other hot jams I can add to these let me know!

Old School Choclair! yeaa

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