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Whether your a college graduate or someone that has just been layed off, orrr a parent looking to go back to work… LOOK NO FURTHER!

I found this site actually browsing iPhone apps… its called INDEED ( I KNOW that there are a ton of websites out there that have all the listings for jobs available but what this site does is it pulls job postings from basically every site around. So, say you type in Disneyland- It will post every job that has that keyword in it, and when you click on the job if you choose to apply it will redirect you to exactly where the posting is…. Sometimes it may be on the actual Disneyland site, or a partner. I have been playing around on this website for a while and so far it has worked wonders, first of all it cuts my time in half, and second of all I have been scoring major interviews! Bahaha I know I should start talking once I have actually LANDED the job, but I figured I would throw this resources of mine your way. 🙂

Indeed! Visit for work!

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