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Men in blazers… It doesn’t get much better than that. Maybe I am speaking solely for the west coast, as I have noticed there are too few men that rock these out here. If you go to New York, that is all guys wear. It could quite possibly be the hottest thing. From a girls point of view, men that wear blazers command authority and attention. They are typically very secure with themselves and the life of the party. They have a great sense of style and are with it. Ladies: You know those guys playing boozy doge ball on Saturday morning with their best friends? I guarantee those guys do not own blazers.

Let’s just take one of my favorite examples for a moment. Don Draper. If only these men still existed everywhere! They are hard to come by. They are ALL male, they take charge, they know what they want, they realize what they have and they take risks. They literally give you goose bumps. Isn’t that what all of us ladies secretly deep down want to find in a man?

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Guys; I have seen tall, short, skinny, fat, stocky, muscular and wide guys all rock them. Sure, it does depend on the cut, and I think it also really depends on the pants you are wearing and shoes, but just about any guy can do it, and in the end, guys in blazers are just SO much hotter. Nothing compares.

The Right Blazer

If you are tall: Whether you are slim or stocky— if you are tall rock a blazer with FITTED jeans. This does not mean go out and get wide legged boot cowboy pants. I recently bought my dad some Joe’s jeans for Christmas that were fitted and he actually looked thinner than in his normal Levi’s. My dad is in great shape, takes care of himself and is tall so when he put on the new fitted jeans, he looked almost 15 pounds lighter. Make sure your pants reach the BOTTOM of your shoes. If you are tall and have pants that are even an inch above the ground, your legs will look short, adding to your overall weight.

If you are short: Do not get super fitted jeans, the shorter you are and the tighter your jeans, the smaller you are going to look. Go for a dark jean or darker trouser. Sometimes tan slacks on short people make us (yes I am short) appear wide. Go for jeans that gather a little bit at the bottom, not just a straight boot cut. Boot cut jeans or trousers are the WORST on short people. If you also get high waisted pants and just tuck in your shirt it gives you two or so inches to work with.

If you are slim: Get the blazer a little more fitted, but make sure you are still able to roll up or push up the sleeves on the blazer.

If you are stocky: If you have wide shoulders or a bigger chest, it is harder to get just the right fit for blazers and suits but the key is making sure you don’t get it too long, because the longer it is the bigger you will look if you have a stocky body. Please guys make sure you can button it in the front! When trying on, imagine you have a notebook attached to your chest and then button over that. You need a solid inch or two of extra room inside.

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As a final note for all guys, when buying blazers, make sure it will go with multiple pairs of slacks you have and not just one. Also if there is some crazy design on it, that’s great- but know that most people will recognize your signature blazer a LOT easier given this.

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