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I think the hardest part of transitioning from college to the real world was reinventing my style and wardrobe. No, unfortunately at real jobs, you cannot wear Nike dunks, Juicy jumpsuits, American Apparel V-necks or Rainbows. You go from wearing whatever you want to wondering what you can possibly wear each and every day. A few rules I’ve stuck to when picking out my office wardrobe? Closed toed shoes, no cleavage and no upper back. These are basics. However, picking the right tops that look professional and hold up, isn’t any easy task. Recently, as I was speed walking through the mall to the Apple store, the BP (juniors) department (of all departments) at Nordstroms had a few really cute items that caught my eye.  I ended up buying three or four tops by two pretty big brand names- Frenchi and Lush. I’ve bought items by this brand in the past and have never had any complaints. The tops I got I am absolutely head over heels for. It’s still hard to belileve I got them in the junior department of Nordstroms. Something to keep in mind when you are shopping in stores like Forever 21 or the lower end like BP; is the material the tops are made out of. I’ve found that Polyester and Rayon are total winners in any store….. Cotton on the other hand? You’ll be able to wear it once if you are lucky. Anyways all the tops below are great for work, interviews, meetings and then even great for pairing down with jeans for dinner or lunch dates. I personally bought the Dee&Ray sheer blouse in blood orange, the Frenchi Sleeveless Tunic in Gray and the Lush Button front Blouse. All I paired with a nice pair of black slacks and heels. Throw on some hoops and bangles and you’re good to go!


Frenchi Oversized Drop Sleeve Tee $36
(Black, Green Vetiver (pictured), White


frenchi, nordstroms, work-top

Dee&Ray ‘La Canada’ Polyester Sheer Blouse $36
Black, Blood Orange (pictured), Teal

Dee-and-ray, nordstroms, work-blouse


Frenchi Polyester Silky Sleeveless Tunic $32
(7 Colors Available)

frenchi-tunic, nordstroms, work-blouse


Frenchi Silky Polyester Tee $39
(Available in Black, Rose-memoir, Rust-Marsala and Deep Teal)

nordstroms, frenchi-tee, work-blouse


Frenchi Boxy Blouse $44
(Available in Navy Indigo, Ivory, Tan-Dale)

Frenchi, work-blouse, nordstroms


Frenchi Bak Button Pointelle Top $32
(Available in Grey-Sparrow and Cream-Bone)


Frenchi-top, nordstroms, work-blouse


Lush Button Front Blouse $36
(Available in Blush and Ivory)

nordstroms, blush-button, work-blouse

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