BDB 234x60

So you really think I am going to recommend you something then not try it myself. No, no no. Not how it works here. I told you a few weeks about this thing called where you basically can pay $40 per month and at the beginning of the month you will receive your own personalized showroom of shoes. These are picked by the “experts”. At first I thought they would be cheaply made, or look cheap which is probably worse, or there would be some glitch. Pretty much it sounded tooo good to be true. Not the case. I ended up doing the questions so that they could see what my style was or what I was looking for, then BINGO they sent me my shoe room and I picked out my shoes! By the way, they sayy that Kimmie K is one of the showroom experts. Ya never really know, but besides the point, all the shoes were extremely cute. So recap– $40 you get to pick the pair of shoes, this price includes the shoe and shipping….. Still sounds too good to be true. The styles they offer are kind of borderline Steve Madden? or BCBG/ BEBE styles… Super cute. Take a look at my new smokin’ heels. 🙂

ShoeDazzle Stephanie Cheetah Shoes

Hot Cheetah Heels From Shoe