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The one thing I hear more men complain about is intimacy and their ladies not being able to take a compliment. The real issue lies with us women. Often times, because women criticize every part of their body, mind and spirit, it is difficult to accept a compliment especially from a male. When another female notices your cute new purse, fall lipstick or fab perfume- we typically have no problem saying “thanks” with an uplifting smile and thinking to ourselves “I knew that was a great buy”. On the other hand, when your man tells you how nice you look for work, when he thinks you look hot doing the dishes, or even (by chance) notices your new haircut and gives you a compliment, women more often than not take these gestures the wrong way. Sure- guys are always horny, but do you really think he is going to tell you you look good when you don’t? No, if he really needed to get his fix in why would he bother with a compliment already knowing your response, when he could just get you juiced up easier with wine or dinner?

Intimacy And Your Relationship

Whether it is the beginning of a new relationship or a decade long marriage, your man sees you as flawless. So when you’re scrubbing the stove on Saturday in your pajamas and he says you look good, don’t turn around and throw the sponge at him. Instead say “thank you”, maybe even throw in a “you look pretty hot in that bathing suit I got you at the beginning of the summer” or [whatever you think he looks sexiest in].

This is just one example that adds to guys need to feel appreciated and cared for [as discussed more in “Diamonds and Gold”]. Although us women may always feel a certain way, it is imperative that you express openly how you feel because; as you may or may not have heard; men cannot read our minds.

The main reason I feel this is one important aspect to any relationship is because, as it might not seem like a big deal now, as relationships carry on so do the individuals and their habits, flaws and expectations. The only difference, as in anyones life, the farther into it the harder it gets. When you get to that point where you are married, have kids, dogs, fish, mother-in-laws or co-workers, you are so busy you may forget little things that can keep your relationship at its hiatus or from fizzling. Women: even when you are in a bad mood or having a rough day, remember, men giving you a compliment is not them creating tactical ways to make your mood worse. Only women can come up with such devised plans.

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