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New Trends For La Playa

It’s that time of year again… I know there are still torrential rains and hail in some places… and snow at 3,000 feet in Orange County, but it’s time we all start getting back in shape for the hot swim season. It’s never too late to have the best spring/summer of your life; but it starts with looking your hottest and feeling your best. Who wants to feel like a beached whale in a bikini? Not I.

The new trend that hits in the spring, for summer each year. Victoria Secret Bikini’s. Every year they are always so different and so cute. The best part is if you would rather have more combinations, buy a few cute tops and just pair them with some bottoms you already have. Or if you are in need of some solid colors they have great OP suits at Wal-Mart. Who would have thought?

I do advise however if you are a C cup or bigger it is better to go INTO the Victoria Secret store and try on some suits. Some triangle top bikini’s I have found to fit awkwardly. Like it is made for someone whose Ta-Ta’s are on the side of their chest…. JUST SAYING!

Check these hot numbers out then read more of my fashion tips before you head out to find your perfect summer suit.

Gold Coral Bikini Love

new-trends, fashion-tips, victoria-secret

Gold Coral Bandeau Top $25 and Gold Hardware String Bottom $24

Gold Shimmer Bikini Love

new-trends, fashion-tips, victoria-secret

Gold Triangle Top $48 and String Bottom $16

Floral Bikini Love

new-trends, fashion-tips, victoria-secret

Multicolor Floral Bandeau $31 and Ruffle Low Rise Bottom $18

Sequined U-Neck Bikini Love

new-trends, fashion-tips, victoria-secret

Neon Watermelon Halter Top $31 and Low Rise Bottom $18

Neon Lace Bikini Love

new-trends, fashion-tips, victoria-secret

Neon Triangle Top $25 and String Bottom $24 Colors: Black/White, Pink/Neon Watermelon, Neon Yellow/ Purple (AS SHOWN) or Turquoise Yellow

Mixed Animal Print Push-Up Bikini Love

new-trends, fashion-tips, victoria-secret

Mixed Animal-Print Push-Up Bandeau Top $44 and Ruched Scoop Bottom $30

Fashion Tips for Bikini Shoppers


If you are an A or B cup…
-The push up top is great, it will pull what you have and push it up showing more cleavage with a sexy little rack.
-The triangle halter is great because is pulls your twins in making you appear to have more goods than even you’d think. You might also assume the push up halter would be good if you wre smaller, but really because it is a bigger bathing suit top it actually might seem like your twins are drowning and cute fabric, so be careful.

If you are a C or D cup
-Do Not wear a push up unless you want to look like you need attention/ are a hoe. It is disgusting when you see girls with too much in a push up with their boobs smashed together looking like their chest is goign to explode. Not cute.
-Bandeau tops are okay just make sure you wear the little noodle strap that ties around your neck, otherwise there is a good chance you’ll be going topless after a quick dip/ walking and not paying attention. Let’s just say bandeau’s are not friends with your twins.
-Be careful with frill and ruffles, these tend to stick out so it might bring the wrong attention to you chest.

-If you’ve got a booty like Beyonce the less fabric covering your toosh the smaller and perkier it is going to look. Now if you are 60 years+ I’m not sure it is safe to say you are okay wearing skimpy VS suits.
-If you have a little booty check out the low rise bottom with a ruched back on the VS website these will definitely put all that you do have on display and make it look super cute, even if it is small.
-If you are thicker around you mid, don’t wear any type of bottoms that are hipster or low rise that are more than a half inch thick, surprisingly string bikini bottoms are great because this prevents any muffin top and will show off your curves.
-If you are thinner and want to appear curvier look into the hipster and low rise bottoms, these will accentuate your hips instead of leaving your mid to run with your hips and waist.
-If you’re packing it in the back do NOT wear ruffles and frills, unless of course you would like to draw attention to your big flotation device looking dehierre.

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