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Mens Fashion

When it comes to mens fashion, I understand t isn’t the easiest thing. Unfortunately, men have plenty of stylish role models to follow after, however; even they sometimes look as if they got dressed in the dark. If you’re a daring trendsetter; great, there are some guys that really can pull off a look of the century. For the remaining population of men, you will having a higher return on investment ( Meaning, the money you put into a wardrobe and new outfit for a hot date are not just guaranteed to go further but get YOU further) if you follow the pointers I am about to give you. There is nothing worse than a guy who does not know how to dress himself.

Whether you’re working for Goldman Sach’s or at the local surf shop, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look like a million dollar deal. If you have to wear a suit to work every day, and it just so happens stripes have made a return to the latest fashion trends, don’t go out and buy a striped shirt you think looks good on, unless you are very sure you are comfortable in the look. Also, a little note to you guys- sales associates [men and women alike], are not your friend, they are your ENEMY. At the end of the day, most make commission. Do not fall into the same trap as everyone else; you know. When you are trying on a groovy, flower patterned, yellow and brown button down, and the sales person gushes “Wow, that just looks fabulous on, so form fitting, SO… YOU” don’t fall for it. Are you joking me? They do not know you, and their word is typically expensive, so use the brain in your head before you take that pretty sales girls nod to the register.

I know that some of you luck out, being able to take your sisters or girlfriends shopping with you, however; for those of you not so lucky, there is still a way to shop successfully alone. Just remember a few things:

First of all, shirts that say dumb things on them, typically make you look dumber than the shirt because you’re the one wearing it. Any shirt with three little pictures that alludes to sex or drugs, was so 2002. Those shirts will just make you look like you have been recycling your clothes for the past decade. Also, it doesn’t really matter where you grew up- shirts that have a picture of a naked looking whore that say “Future Ex Wifey”…umm yeah, that’s going to make me want to jump right on into your pants. I’m kidding. The best was the other day at the mall a fairly overweight but decent looking guy was parading around in a shirt with an enormous sumo wrestler on the front that read “Size Matters”. Yes- it does if I’m looking for a huge hot dog to help me move my furniture around. If you are absolutely smitten by these kinds of shirts, wear them when you go to play video games. No where else.

Work It

For guys that are lean or skinny, I’d like to say there is someone for everyone, and there really is, but if you are looking to ham it up at the local bar or a party close by, you better make your goods look their best. Go for the V-neck or Crew cut white tee. Avoid over-sized shirts of any sort, wearing one size larger or more only makes you look smaller, like a drowning dog. So your shirt size is a small, So what? Wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you!

For guys that are larger or husky, a very similar perception guys have that are bigger, is that if they buy clothes big enough they can hide parts of their body. No, if you are a size XL, get an XL, by wearing an XXXL white tee you are just going to look like a big polar bear. Imagine if a girl with curves wore mens jeans in two sizes too big, bets down she will get little to no recognition while out. Also if you are a larger male, shirts with a pocket are awesome because it can mirror a guy with pecs (See the Ralph Lauren Crew shirt below). Lastly the key for owning mens fashion in this size is sticking to dark colors, if you do go for white getting the double layer tees are the most ideal choice.

These are all of the fashion tips I can think of for the time being. In the sake of the post, just TRY wearing a shirt like the examples below while you are out one night and see if even your friends say anything. The smallest wardrobe changes can often make the biggest impact on your overall appearance. As the fashion on this site is geared for those individuals in their twenties and above, if you haven’t started taking life a little more seriously by now, you might want to look around and see where you are. If you take yourself seriously, and have respect for yourself, the gain will come only when you decide to dress the part. It goes the same way for girls, but this is all about you boys.


Hanes Premium ComfortSoft V-Neck Tee

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Hanes Premium ComfortSoft V Neck Tee at Target 6pk for $18.99

American Rag Basic V-Neck T-Shirt

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American Rag Men’s T-shirt at Macy’s $9.98

American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck

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American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve $19 or 3 for $45

Classic-Fit Polo Pocket Tee


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Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Polo Pocket Tee $30.00

Double Layer V-Neck Tee


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Ralph Lauren Double Layer V-Neck Tee $75.00

Other Options:

Banana Republic Fitted Cotton Crew Tee $19.50

Hurley Men’s Staple Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee $19.00

Nike Jordan Classics Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt $30