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Fact: I have been a HUGE Sperry’s top-sider fan ever since I decided to ditch those uncomfortable jellies. Granted, I have always had either navy blue or ice (cream/white), but these shoes never get old. In fact, last summer when I went to Cambodia my one friend lived in her top-siders the entire time we were there. I, being the genius decided to bring my crazy Ralph Lauren and Tom’s and some Havaianas. I pretty much ended up crying for my Sperry’s during the numerous random hot rainstorms, during our walks through Tomb Raider aka Angkor Wat. Don’t let me leave out that time we had to walk through mud and pig poop to get to bathrooms. Yes, I had really wished I had had my beloved Sperry’s. Anyway, my new obsessions are these Platinum Gold Sperry’s. They are TOO cute and super girly with that “rugged boating” vibe. When you think about it these can be paired with just about anything, a summer dress, jeans, shorts, spanks….. Whatever your heart desires.

I can’t think of one person that couldn’t pull off this look. These shoes are also great during the rainy season- much better than thUGG’s, which I swear, have ZERO traction. Of course I only know these facts from experience. Good thing you have me, Right?!

Platinum Gold Sperry $84 at Nordstroms


You can purchase these on the Sperrys website or at Nordstroms

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