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Something I believe is just as important as your driver’s license or identification card. I swear you are never too young to have your own business card. I don’t care if you are a bartender, babysitter or simply unemployed. Today it is not uncommon for people to have a business card in their name. Think about it like this- your name on a business card is just spreading your business, trade or talent around. The one piece of advice I was given a long time ago that I truly have run with is [networking isn’t at a set time, place or event, it is continuous, and if you do it right you will never be without opportunity]. I have lived by this advice. Networking is not just for professionals, whether I am at retail stores, at a club, out to lunch with some new and old friends, or even walking my dog. Remember something about that store, the attendant, the clientele etc. When you’re out with your best friend and a bunch of new girls you don’t know, make friends, they too in the end will bring you something you would never expect if you hadn’t networked. What about the barista that makes your coffee each day? You bet your bottoms up your connection will benefit you later on.

However, as I already stated the most important part to this networking is having your connection cards on you at all times. I personally have given my cards to people in Palm Springs and end up in return getting a referral or other connection. Whoever you are, there is something that I know you are very good at. Think about that skill you have that you have sometimes realized not everyone has a knack for. Run with it. If you are really good at coordinating events or styling clothes, put those things on your card. It lets people know they can contact you for those services, or for anything else you touch on. This is just the beginning to creating your portfolio. This is often in the form of a resume but can range in anything; a website, blog, online portal, profile, photo site or look book.

The best place for business cards is The key to creating the best card is TAKE YOUR TIME. Honestly, look at others cards and figure out what things really stick out to you. These things are important.

  • Pick a design that looks most like you, the more unique the design the better.
  • Glossy is definitely worth the money, it sticks out. I wish I had gotten this for my current cards.
  • Unless you really want a backside, not having one isn’t a big deal; I don’t have one on any of my cards.

The best thing about Vista Print is all of this will be no more than about $30 for 250 cards. That’s a lot of cards FYI. Vista Print will also send you a coupon for the next time you get cards. After the last ones I purchased I was sent an email to receive 250 of the same cards for free. Which by the way I already went on and got- didn’t even have to pay for shipping. ☺

Heres one card I just created, just to show you how easy it is. The monogram designs are great if you simply want a card with your information to give to people.

Some of the business cards I've had- The most popular was obviously the pink glossy one. No one has forgotten it to this day. Make fun of me now, but they remembered who I was right?

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